6 Week Fitness Challenge: Ladies Only

We are looking for 15 women in the Fishers/Geist/Noblesville/Carmel/Indianapolis area to undergo a 6 week Fitness Challenge. Sorry guys, ladies only. This Challenge will start Monday, January 8th and end Friday, February 16th. We ask you to commit to 3 training days per week. The 6 week Fitness Challenge will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5am – 6am.  This 1 hour Class which will include Warm-up, Stretching, Strength building, CrossFit Metcon and Cool down. This Challenge is for beginners or for someone that is new to CrossFit. You will get weighed in and measured and have your body comp taken. You will receive nutritional counselling with meal plans to help reach your goals. We only ask of you, is to try hard and finish the 6 weeks. There will be a Nutrition Talk (Meet and Greet) Weigh-in/Body Comp on Saturday, January 6th at 1pm. The Cost is $250.00

Application for the 6 Week Fitness Challenge:

Congratulations on taking action and making the first step to getting the body you want.
By filling out the details below, we can get better understanding of your needs and make sure that you are right for this fitness opportunity.

Become our next Success Story. Clean Eating Challenge

The Cost is $250.00 (Includes 6 weeks of Training/ Nutrition Talk/ Nutritional Counseling with Meal Plans)

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