Movement & Mobility 102: Coach’s Course

We will be hosting the M|WOD Movement and Mobility 102: Coach’s Course on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Movement and Mobility 102: The M|WOD Coach’s Course expands and builds upon the principles of our Movement & Mobility 101 Course based on Dr. Kelly Starrett’s system of resolving mechanically based musculoskeletal pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic movement and performance.


After years of teaching the foundations of The Starrett System, the overwhelming feedback from coaches and athletes has been a desire for more advanced instruction and application. The 102 Course is their answer and will provide coaches with systematic movement assessment as well as advanced techniques in mobilization, down-regulation, perfusion, and programming. The course is two full days, and includes a detailed Course Manual with background science, safety, and advanced programming.

The goal of our Movement & Mobility 101 Course is to make the invisible visible.  The  goal of this 102 course is to make the invisible quantifiableAttendees will learn a complete system of movement assessments for the spine, upper and lower body. Athletes and coaches looking for a deeper appreciation of the science of movement and how to improve it will learn how to see movement through the eyes of an advanced movement practitioner.

To register or for more information click here – Movement & Mobility 102: Coach’s Course