Body Tempering

Body Tempering by Pam

Body Tempering Certified: April 2019

Have stiffness in the shoulders or lack of range of motion?
Tight Achilles?
Tennis elbow?
Tight hamstrings/Quads?
Lower back tightness?
1st rib problem?

IMG_0706 (1)

See if Body Tempering can help…

10 mins $20.00
30 mins $40.00
1 HR       $75.00
Cash or Credit

*Note Body Tempering on Back can only be done if the person, is not pregnant, no prior back surgeries, bulge disc etc..

*Body Tempering can not be perform if you have cancer, neurological condition, a condition that increase risk of bleeding or bruising, artery or vein condition, bone disease, soft tissues damage, brittle bone, heart or lung condition or local infection.

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