6 Week: Ladies Only Fitness Challenge

We are looking for 10 women in the Fishers/Geist/Noblesville/Carmel/Indianapolis area to undergo a 6 week Fitness Challenge. Sorry guys, ladies only. This Challenge will start Saturday, August 6th and end Saturday, September 17th. The 6 week Fitness Challenge will start with a 1 day Mandatory Foundations Course that will meet on Saturday, August 6th at noon to 3pm. Then you will have 6 Weeks of img_8353unlimited group classes or Ladies Only Classes. These group classes will be 1 hour which will include Warm-up, Stretching, Strength building, CrossFit Metcon and Cool down. The Unlimited Group Class Schedule is Monday- Friday 6am, 9am, 4:30pm 5:30pm and 6:30pm (Friday’s there is no 6:30pm Class. The Ladies Only Class schedule M/W/TH/F  5am, 1 hour Class. This Challenge is for beginners or for someone that is new to CrossFit.  We only ask of you is to try hard and finish the 6 weeks. We will be hosting a Nutrition Talk (Meet and Greet) Plus 2 hour Foundation Course, where you will get weighed in and measured and have your body comp taken. You will also receive nutrition counselling with meal plans to help reach your goals. The Nutrition Talk (Meet and Greet) Plus Foundation Course, Weigh-in/Body Comp will be on Saturday August 6th noon – 3pm. The Cost is $250.00

Application for the 6 Week Fitness Challenge:

Congratulations on taking action and making the first step to getting the body you want.
By filling out the details below, we can get better understanding of your needs and make sure that you are right for this fitness opportunity.

Become our next Success Story. Clean Eating Challenge

6 Week: Ladies Only: Fitness Challenge

For Ladies looking for a Fitness Transformation, includes 3 Mandatory Foundation classes and then 6 weeks of Unlimited Group Classes. Nutrition Talk/Nutritional Counseling with Meal Plans, You will also get weigh-in, measured and body comp taken.


“Coach Pam,
I just wanted to shoot you a huge thank you!   This past year I have felt a huge physical transformation!  I am so grateful to you for offering the six week ladies challenge!   Seeing that show up in my Facebook feed was one of the best things that has ever happened!  I still remember how scared I was to send in my application for the challenge but I am so glad I did.   I so enjoy coming to class and I absolutely hate missing class!   You make it so much fun!   I just want you to know how much you have helped me feel better about myself this past year!   I look forward to setting new goals this year!   Thank you for all you have helped me achieve!   You are an amazing coach and I have so much gratitude for you!   So, THANK YOU!”
Julie D-J

“Finally found a workout I love! And Coach Pam is the best. After breaking my foot, she checked in on me and is willing to help me modify workouts so I don’t become a couch potato! Can’t recommend CFF enough!”
Angela C.

“I have before and after picture but optimistic my write-up speaks more than pictures because just not a fan of pictures 😂😂. If you know me and have seen me around you may have noticed difference in my physical appearance. More importantly, is what you can’t see. The reduced pain in my extremities. How I can pick up my daughter upstairs to put her to bed, picking up a gallon of milk or even a simple laundry basket or clothes. Going up the stairs and just moving more freely. The challenge is amazing, helps with accountability and coach Pam Torrence is great. Walking you through everything to prevent injuries. Safety first! Nutrition is most of it… it’s not easy but it can be done and the ladies, everyone, at CrossFit Fishers is amazingly friendly. Makes that 5 AM arrival time not that hard. Give it a try if you not only want to see results but if you want to get the tools 🛠 to make a change and an amazing system. Thank you Pam and Troy Torrence.

CrossFit Fishers rocks!!”
Edmie C

“A year ago this week, I joined Cross Fit Fishers. I joined not with the goal of a New Years resolution but to better myself and make a lifestyle change. At that point in my life I was at my highest high and my lowest low. I had a perfectly beautiful 7 month old baby girl and couldn’t be happier with the life we had created… as for myself I was not happy. I was dealing with a little bit of post partum depression and like most moms felt so guilty and confused even saying those words (now I know it’s so normal and so common) but I knew that I needed something more, something for myself.

My husband had been going to CFF for over a year and loved it. Without his encouragement and him having the confidence in me and knowing that I “could do it” or my mom telling me “Kristi you need to do something for yourself” I would have never joined. I used to say “ I can never do that stuff” “I can just go to the gym and run on the elliptical and do some weights and be done and I will eventually get to where I want to be.” So one day I did just that, I went to the gym and did the elliptical, weights and out… 45 min max. I left knowing I would never step foot back in that gym again and canceled my membership the next day.

That weekend I went and watched Jordan workout at the CFF to see what it was all about… and I was welcomed by so many awesome people and I knew this was going to be different.

I started my introduction course the next week and from that point forward I never looked back. 
I am forever thankful for Pam and Troy and everyone at Cross Fit Fishers. Not only did they introduce me to a new me and a new way of life, they gave me my confidence back!

They also welcomed my little girl to their gym. Every single day (most days twice a day morning with daddy and at night with me) I put her in her stroller and park her in the same spot for an hour and she watches on as I work out. I can never thank them enough for this! It means so much more than I think they will ever know.

I have accomplished more in the past year and found out more about myself that I never even knew was possible! I hear all the time “Kristi you look so great” and I am so thankful to hear that, but the way I feel inside and the way I feel about myself now blows “looking good” out of the water. I’m a better me, a better wife and a better mommy because of the lifestyle change I made one year ago.

Thank you Cross Fit Fishers”
Kristi B.

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