6 Week F’N Fit Challenge

6 Week F’N Fit Challenge: April 21st – June 2nd 2018

IMG_2270The 6 Week F’N Fit will start Saturday, April 21st and end December 2nd. We will be hosting a Nutrition talk at the box on Saturday, April 21st starting at 9:00am. Weigh-ins and measurements will on Saturday after the Nutrition Talk.


Your daily food intake will be on the “honor system”. We aren’t going to get super nerdy about what constitutes Cleaning Eating. Just make sure you are eating lean meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit (berries) a little starch, and NO SUGAR. We also want to stay away from all grains, alcohol, breads and processed foods. The 1st 3 weeks we are allowing string cheese and plain Greek yogurt, but not in the last 3 weeks. If you goal is not to lose weight you may also have 1/2 cup of cooked rice per day. Approved protein bars for the challenge will be the quest bars, The ONE bar or Rxbars, only one per day. No paleo desserts are allowed. Stay away from fruit that are high on the glycemic chart: bananas, pineapple, grapes, cranberries, dates and raisins etc… These are trigger foods for Carbaddicts. Eat more green vegetable and light on starchy vegetables. We will allow a Post-WOD supplements and protein powder. To exclude those items would be silly.

The challenge is based on percent of improvement in metcon, strength and body composition. For the Clean Eating journal tracking and working out 5 times a week will be scored based on how many days you train plus recording your food. For recording food, write type of food, amount and what time of day. Your Food Journal or my Fitness Pal App are due every Friday at midnight, other wise no food journal points for that week. We will also be added (Homework) Skills and Cardio. Each week we will have different skills/progressions and different cardio distances to complete.

Use my My Fitness Pal app to track your food.  Add me as a friend,  pam@crossfitfishers.com, and set your food diary settings to friends only. Then I can review your food journals.

No exceptions

April 21st – June 2nd
Cost $50 cash
Cash prizes for 1st – 3rd place

Points will be based on
1. WOD improvement 20%
2. % of Bodyweight loss 20%
3. % of Body Comp/Fat loss 20%
4. Homework (New) 10%
5. Training Days 15%
6. Food Journal 15%


Food:1 pt per day eating Clean, 7 days straight = double pts 7=14 pts

Training: 1 pt per training day, train 5 days in one week get 10 pts, train more than 5 days in one week you still only get 10pts. Train 4 days in one week get 4 pts.

Training Days:
WODs done outside of CFF must have an email picture sent the day of activity (CrossFit only/hotel WOD only).
Email Pam@crossfitfishers.com
(must be pre-approved by Pam)

Homework: 1pt per day of completed skills and cardio.

No cheat days: except birthdays, Wedding Anniversary (Your Birthday).


To begin the challenge, a participant buys in with $50 Cash

Cash Prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd 

Clean Eating Challenge

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Paleo FAQ ;– From Paleo ;Demi-god, Robb Wolf. Particularly check out the Paleo Overview, the Quick Start Guide, the Food Matrix and the Shopping List.

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