Drop-ins are always welcomed at CrossFit Fishers’ Group Classes. We have classes Monday-Friday 6am, 9am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm. Saturday’s we have a team WOD class at 10am. Open Gym hours are for CFF members only. Parking and Entry are in the back of the building. Classes start at posted times not 15 minutes early. Have Fun! We are about Fitness, Friendliness, Safety, Community and making this your best hour of your day.

Thank You!

Individuals Rates
$20.00 per day
$30.00 includes T-shirt
$50.00 per week

Couples Rates
$30.00 per day
$50.00 includes T-shirts

$80.00 per week (couples)
$100.00 per week (couples) includes T-shirt

All Drop-ins are required to follow CrossFit Fishers Gym rules:
Respect the equipment and the coaches. If you don’t know…ask. Thank You!!

Drop-in for the CrossFit Open:
Friday’s only, during regular schedule classes.
$20 per day
$75 for all 5 Open WODs



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