2.09.19 Saturday

Bad MoFo Vol. 7 2019

Bad MoFo Vol. 7: Timeline

8:30a Doors Open

8:45a final call to pick-up t-shirts

9a Introductions/Announcing WOD 1 “5th Gear” and Demo w/ Standards

9:10a W1/H1 Men’s Scaled

9:18a W1/H2 Women’s Scaled

9:26a W1/H3 Women’s Masters

9:34a W1/H4 Men’s Masters

9:42a W1/H5 Men’s Masters/ Rx

9:50a W1/H6 Women’s Rx

10am Announce WOD 2 “Crazy 8’s) Demo

10:05a W2/H1 Men’s Scaled

10:15a W2/H2 Women’s Scaled

10:25a W2/H3 Women’s Masters

10:35a W2/H4 Men’s Masters

10:45a W2/H5 Men’s Masters/ Rx

10:55a W2/H6 Women’s Rx

11:05am announce WOD 3 part 1 and part 2 “Bird Box” Demo

Bird Box will have 2 Scores and the Row will also be used as a tie breaker…

11:10a W3&4/H1 Men’s Scaled

11:20a W3&4/H2 Women’s Scaled

11:30a W3&4/H3 Women’s Masters

11:40a W3&4/H4 Men’s Masters

11:50a W3&4/H5 Men’s Masters/ Rx

Noon W3&4/H6 Women’s Rx

12:15p Final WOD Announcement

12:25p Men’s Scaled Final

12:35p Women’s Scaled Final

12:45p Women’s Masters Final

12:55p Men’s Masters Final

1:05p Men’s Rx Final

1:15p Women’s Rx Final

1:30p Awards

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