10.05.19 Saturday

Helen meets Grace 2019

8th Annual Event

Doors open at 8:30am (backdoor)

Picture and announcement 9:00am

1st Heat at 9:10am

HMG19: Schedule

Saturday, October 5th 2019

8:30am Doors Open / Registration/waiver/T-shirt (8:30am-8:50am)

9am Announcements/Demo/Group Picture

9:10am Heat 1: Scaled Women

Lane 1. Jemma

Lane 2. Buns and Guns

Lane 3. Erin and Julie DJ

Lane 4. Katie and Toni

Lane 5. Power Tuff Girls

Lane 6. Straight to the Snatch

Lane 7. Girls for Girls

9:30am Heat 2: Scaled Women & Scaled M/F

Lane 1. Carmen’s Girls f/f

Lane 2. Swole Sisters (new team) f/f

Lane 3. Emos who Lift (new team) f/f

Lane 4. Team Tiddy m/f

Lane 5. Besties for Breasties m/f

Lane 6. Zassie m/f

Lane 7. The Droogs (Christine / Geoff)

9:50am Heat 3: Scaled Men

Lane 1. The King and I (Chris C and Doug S)

Lane 2  It’s about to go down

Lane 3. Abuelita lupe (Adam/Jacob)

Lane 4. Brad and Roger

Lane 5. Silver Fox

Lane 6. The Sloan Rangers

Lane 7. Scale Mates

10:15am Heat 4: RX Women

Lane 1. BB

Lane 2. Baby Mama don’t want none if

Lane 3. I<3 BOOBIES

Lane 4. Save 2nd Base

Lane 5. Julie and Pam

Lane 6. Alston and Brad

Lane 7.


 10:40am Heat 5: RX Male/Female

Lane 1. Tumernators

Lane 2. Bars and Bartroms

Lane 3. IXF CrossFit

Lane 4. Ash Shakers

Lane 5. Table for 7

Lane 6. Randy and Lauren

Lane 7. Big Cats

11am Heat 6: RX Men

Lane 1. Bucks for Boobs

Lane 2. Spanks

Lane 3. Troy and Doug

Lane 4. Bonkers for Honkers

Lane 5. Team WoMark

Lane 6. Btown Bros

Lane 7. IN-Fidels

11:20am Heat 7: RX Men

Lane 1. Notch 8 Athletics (new)

Lane 2. Stacey and Chris P

Lane 3. The Dirty Jerks

Lane 4. Clydesdale’s (new)

Lane 5. Indy Shield

Lane 6. Hookers and Blow

Lane 7. The Breast is yet to come

11:40am Heat 8: Firebreather & RX M/F

Lane 1. CF 9 Degrees

Lane 2. Samantha and Christy suck!!

Lane 3. Christy

Lane 4. I don’t know, Pam

Lane 5. rolling8deep (Brain and Kristin)

Lane 6. Chele

Lane 7.

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