02.22.11 Tuesday


 AMRAP in 7 minutes
3 Deadlifts 275/185
6 Pistols
9 Shoulder to overhead 115/75

Post Loads and rounds to comments.

Day 8 of Burpee Challenge
Buy in is 36 Burpees

Kim Overhead Squating



11 Comments on “02.22.11 Tuesday

  1. Snatches: 115/115/115 tried to focus on my form.

    2 sets of 3*275 Deadlift
    My pistal Squats need LOTS OF WORK!
    2 sets of 9*115 Shoulder to overhead press
    I didn’t time myself because I only have one Barbell.

    Buy in 36 Burpees, That was a KILLER!!

  2. 90X3 Form was better and was able to go a little heavier….still a difficult lift no matter how light I go.

    3 rounds plus 3, 6 and 4 presses (My pistol squats looked like *@#% I’m sure. After second set I switched to reverse pistol squats [leg behind instead of out front]) Gave myself an extra 90 seconds for switching out weights each set. (230 on DL’s & 95 on presses)

    Completed Day 8 of Challenge

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